Latest Technologies

The issue for most people is how to find the right person to clean the household chimney without having the living room and all your household possessions covered in a blanket of soot.

Folan Cleaning Services has developed a system which does just that. A system that clamps into all fireplaces and stoves and gives a soot free clean. Along with this a Hoover system is used to gather all the soot and safely transport it off the premises. This vacuum also has a four tiered filter system which means the air released is 99.8% pure.

Sweeping Frequency

  • Gas - Once a year.
  • Oil - Once a year.
  • Wood - Once a season when in use.
  • Smokeless coal - At least once a year.
  • Turf - At least twice a year

Reasons to get your Chimney Swept

  • It clears creosote/soot deposits within the chimney and allows for proper venting of dangerous combustion gases.
  • Reducing the risk of a chimney fires
  • Chimney fires are a common occurrence, the latest statistics that are available from the department of environment show that chimney fires increased by 2.5%.
  • Eliminates the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.